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3/16/2022 - Introduction
Hello everyone! As this is my first post I thought that I should give a little background information to you. First of all I want to use this website to document my thoughts on anything I watch/play that I feel like talking about. I think it's important to have a litte iformation on what I like and how I think about media before I really get into it. First of all let's get my favorites out of the way. Well, what is a favorite? Good question. I don't really think you can say something is "the best (anime/game/movie/book/etc.)" so instead I simply define favorite as whay I enjoy the most. My favorite anime is (yep you guessed it) Neon Genesis Evangelion. I'm sure I will get into more detail about Evangelion in another post but for now I will keep it simple. Evangelion opened my eyes to what can be possible in media. It presented something completley new to me, and I loved it. I also love the analysis that is possible with the series. Not to mention, the core message of the series is something that really resonates with me. In terms of games I can say that two stand out to me. The first is the Metal Gear Solid series. I don't think I can say something that hasn't been said already here, but it is a work of art in the truest sense. The characters, plot, gameplay, and messages are perhaps more relavant now than they were when the series came out. The other game I can call my favorite is Persona 4 Golden. This game is just an incredibly immersive and fun time. It showed me what JRPGs can be (outside of something like Pokemon). I'm a huge fan of Persona and Shin Megami Tensei as a whole so this will certainly be a returning topic. Movies are probably the hardest for me to say I have a favorite for. I'll go quick with these. A Silent Voice, Star Wars (A New Hope), Pulp Fiction, A Clockwork Orange, and Rebuild of Evangelion Moives (3.0 + 1.0 in particular) are some that come to mind. That about sums it up for this intro post. Stay tuned.